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We have professional designers and engineers able to make  your project a reality. 

In our design studio, we have a professional team for the creation of original environments, resistant to the characteristics of a laboratory conditions, with knowledge of the application of standards, that at the same time promote in each user the necessary comfort to perform and connect with their responsabilites. 


ArqStyle Team, incluided architects, engineers, and professionals in the design and laboratory, engineering, we follow the estabilished global standards for the creation of a laboratory, as well as advice for the initial architectural design. We count with: laboratory furniture, Workstation, tables and fume hoods.

Laboratory Furniture

ArqStyle's products based primarily on safety. On priority is to provide laboratory fume hoods, cabinets and furniture that are durable, cost-effective and safe, as well as providing you with all the essencials your laboratory requires.

We understand that all laboratories are different, se we work closely with you to design and install a  laboratory that perfectly suits your needs. Our main goal is to provide you with a first class service.

For your laboratory, we provide:

  • A complete understanding of your laboratory needs and aplications.
  • Thorough planning that reduces the margin for error.
  • A corporate focus on fume hoods and laboratory furniture and peripheral products.
  • A wide selection of world-class, top-of-the-line products to properly meet all  of your needs.
  • Extensive product knowledge and an experienced team of professionals.
  • Thorough project management from inception to your complete satisfaction.
  • Quick response to all your needs.
  • Ongoing service and maintenance for safety and continuous warranty.

Laboratory furniture

ArqStyle offers a complete line of carefully crafted metal, wood and laminate laboratory furniture. We have a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit virtually any space. Our furniture contains quality features of high value, ensuring that you will have the furniture needed to promote productivity and that will last for years to come.

Our commitment is not just towars our products. One of our specialists will evaluate your specific needs and help you to make the best decision. They will guide you through your project from start to finish.

Laboratory Design

When faced with the challenge of designing a new laboratory, or planning a renovation, there are many details to consider. ArqStyle is here to help you through the process of decision making and equipment selection, from furniture to fume hoods. Our team of professionals, with years of experience in desing, engineering, management, and installation, wants to help you every step of the way.

With our laboratory design expertise, you can rest assured that nothing will be overlooked, and that your specific needs will be incorporated into the design from the very beginning. The use of customized tools and programs allows our designers to turn your concept into a reality and make your laboratory project a success. We know that experience and attention to details are the key to achieving an unparalleled laboratory.

Get to know more about us and be a part of our history.

ArqStyle has helped laboratory owners, directors and facility managers make sound decisions regarding their laboratory needs. 

Since 2006, when we opened our doors, we have left a mark of our passion for this job. Nowadays, with twelve years of experienc under our belt, our vision is to bemoce the most reliable company in the wold. We look forward to the pleasure of helping you, and to bring your project to reality. Call us today and we will assist you gladly.

ArqStyle Team
How We Work

Laboratory Furniture.

Laboratory Tables.

Fume Hoods.

First Meeting


The first meeting will allow us to look for the caracteristics you need in your laboratory, in order to provide the best quality, as well as the type of product that you need. It will also give us the necessary information to give you the  best advice posible, about equipment and their the diferent uses, the different areas measurements, and designs.

Interior Design


After consider several options, and the first meeting, we proceed to make a proper design, in which we deliver a 3D rendering, full definition, with the intention of seeing clearly how your laboratory will look like, as well as the necessary plans to fully understand your project.



Once the project is awarded, we made the necessary adjustments to carry out the fabrication, and define colors. Our staff will deliver a guide of the services in engineering, all in order to avoid setbacks in the installation.

We design Laboratory Furniture and Fume Hoods.

Engineering & Arquitecture are things that ArqStyle combines in its laboratory furniture.

“ We wanted to make our laboratory but didn't know where to star. They guided us step by step. Through their advice we felt comfortable with methodology they used. Finally we have the laboratory we wanted, it was perfect!  


Thank you very much for sharing your design and experience."


David Garza

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Laboratorios Santvel, de analisis clinicos.,.

En remodelacion este labortorio de gran expansion en la ciudad de Monterrey nos invito a ser participes de el amueblado en sus nuevas instalaciones de laboratorio. "mesa laboratorio"

Gobierno NL Campana de extraccion con dimensiones Grandes "Big Dimensions" 

En ocasiones nos encontramos con requerimientos especiales estos son muy diveresos, algunos se asumen como retos de diseño y planificacion, tal es el cado de este proyecto completamente ensamblado en campo.

Tecnologico de Costa Rica Mesa Laboratorio

Invitados a participar en este proyecto en el cual se construyo el laboratorio de Biotecnologia, se participo en el tema del diseño de el mobiliario de acuerdo a las necesidades de cada usuario.

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